God Save the Loo!


Blank walls? Check
Cool idea? Check.
Brit reference materials? Check. 
Paints? (plenty of red) Check. 
Brushes? Check.

Time to Create!

Our favorite jobs have sprung from ideas originally dreamed up by the client and this one is a PRIME example.  Due to the size of this powder room, the couple thought it would be fun to transform this loo into a British phone booth.  Just imagine, doing your business whilst looking out on the iconic British landscape — under the supervision of a guard from Buckingham Palace, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare (doing graffiti), and John Cleese.

Photos can't capture the sensation but, trust me, the results are fun and the client was tickled with the results.  ENJOY!

"To improve the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts."  ~ Thoreau