A Man's Recollections

What I DID NOT expect at first was that the fact that One Man's Recollections would serve to provide reflections for others.  Since the installation of this project along busy Connecticut Avenue, just inside the DC line, I've received emails and phone calls expressing how many others have come to recall their experiences of going to games as kids.  It becomes a shared moment among strangers.  He might have been sitting in the same section on the same day cheering on the same team - one never knows. There was something very special and unique about interviewing the client and watching his face as some of his fondest moments of his childhood came flooding back.  That alone provided me with the feeling of success.  Then, to take those memories and to create images reflecting them I found to be an honorable task.

A picture is worth a thousand words...  Hopefully my efforts, done for one man, have inspired others to conjure up their memories and thousands upon thousands of words may be shared as they  ponder their own recollections.